Boshart Industries

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"HS" Series heavy wall adhesive lined, flexible cross-linked polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing. DESIGNED FOR THE NEW SMALLER O.D. LEAD WIRES being used on submersible pump motors. This tubing is suitable for applications up to 600 volts providing excellent waterproof insulating and environmental sealing protection for splices, connections and jacket repairs. High impact and abrasion resistance of THIS HEAVY WALL TUBING PROVIDES THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF MECHANICAL DURABILITY. When heated above 120°C (250°F) there is a 3:1 shrink ratio. Tubing will shrink unrestricted to 33% of its original diameter, the recovered wall thickness of the tubing is proportional to the degree of recovery (approx. 0.08" /2mm when fully recovered)

NOTE: Due to the substantial wall thickness, the "HS" Series of Tubing takes longer to shrink to its fully recovered state (approx. 45-50 seconds). Time will vary depending on job site conditions and the heat source that is used.
Tube specs. - expanded I.D. = 0.51" min. recovered I.D. = 0.16" max. nominal wall thickness = 0.09"